England: Cigarette blasts in car after 'overuse' of air freshener

An explosion occurred in a car in West Yorkshire, England, after a driver lit a cigarette in the car after an air freshener.

According to firefighters, the driver used 'excessive' amounts of aerosol (small particles of gas) in the vehicle before burning the cigarette.

The spray caused a fire that destroyed the car's windscreen, windows and doors, while the person inside was seriously injured.

Police urged people to follow security tips, saying the Saturday incident in Halifax 'could have been worse'.

The explosion was so severe that it also damaged the windows of nearby shops.

The car rider was in traffic on Fountain Street in the city at three o'clock on Saturday when the incident occurred.

The road was closed while police and fire services investigated the incident.

According to the West York Shire Fire and Rescue Service, this 'dramatic' incident was caused by excessive use of 'air freshener'.

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